Warranty Claim

How to file a claim

  1. Complete the claim form and return it to us. Page two of the form can be used to help identify the type of roofing or siding involved. Please fill out the form completely. Incomplete information will delay the processing of your warranty claim.
  2. Supply proof of purchase such as a copy of the metal warranty or a paid receipt identifying the products used on the project. Submit a copy of the original Triad Corrugated Metal Inc. proof of purchase sales receipt identifying the products used on the project. If sending a sample, do not cut the sample out of the roof or damage it in any way. Do not write on the front of the sample. Submit a 1-3 foot long whole piece that can be placed back on the roof if needed. With the exception of fade issues, the sample may be an extra piece that you may have from the job.
  3. Photos of the home are required to process the claim. Please submit photos showing each entire roof area, even if the roof is not affected. Also submit close-up photos of individual areas affected by the problem.
  4. Indicate the nature of the concern. Please be specific, including the location and extent of the problem.
  5. Samples are helpful for fade claims  but not necessary. Submit a sample from the affected area(s). Be sure that the sample best represents the degree of weathering. This sample is needed for testing and will have a significant influence on the determination of the claim. We will do our best to return the sample in the event that the claim is not found to be justified.
  6. List all items affected by the issue such as ridge cap, etc. A complete list and quantity must be outlined on the form. Should the claim be justified, this list will be used to determine the material needed to resolve the issue.
  7. The information listed will be submitted in this online form or mailed to:

Triad Corrugated Metal, Inc.
Warranty Dept.
Po Box 4907
Asheboro, NC 27204

Or send to Warranty@triadmetalroof.com
It may take up to 30 days to process the claim. Please hold all inquiries during this time. We are confident that we will have a response for you in this period. Following this period you may contact us at: Phone (336) 625-9727 • Fax (336) 625-9722

Warranty Claim
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    Failure to completer the form or submit any of the required items will delay our response to your issue.

  • Roof/Walls affected as viewed from the front of the home

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  • Proof of purchase is REQUIRED. Please send a copy of the original purchase receipt from Triad Corrugated Metal, Inc.

    Copy of warranty paid receipt specifically identifying our company as the manufacturer of the product on your home.

    Photos of all wall/roof areas are REQUIRED. One close up photo taken that illustrates the issue and one photo of each surface area of the home, showing the complete work area.

  • *If the complaint address is different than the property owner address, please write the address in the explanation area above.